The Future’s Here Today: Sumshapes

sumshapes-hairdressersFusing the raw immediacy of punk with more esoteric post-rock influences, Sumshapes are Ali Begbie, Jer Reid and Richie Dempsey, a brilliant trio of musicians who used to play in indie favourites Dawson (Dempsey has also drummed in The Stretchheads) but are an entirely new band.

Brand new album Cabin Biscuits has just been released and it is absolutely brilliant, a dynamic and frenetic record, which is combative, yet playful. Itchy Eye has the bounce and crunch of mid-era Sonic Youth, circa Daydream Nation; and Mesh Tabbard is a jerky song which is as mad as a box of frogs with its teasing, stop-start percussion.


Literally In The Lap Of The Gods is a funkier, looser tune- and is there a better title this side of Mogwai than Normal As Fuck? More reasons for me to fan-girl over ’em. You will too.

(Lorna Irvine)

Cabin Biscuits is out now on Gruff Wit

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