noel-fieldingA strange choice for the new forthcoming series of Bake Off, a lot of Daily Mail reading viewers frothed- many imagined psychedelic overgrown pixie comedian Noel Fielding to be more interested in space cake and magic mushrooms- but I think that is to do him a disservice. He is thoroughly lovely, intelligent and quick-witted. Hopefully, he’ll be given free reign over his surrealist humour. It is Channel 4, after all.

Above all, The Mighty Boosh star and artist is arguably noted for his sense of style, as influenced by dandies like Bolan, Bowie and Syd Barrett as punk icons Johnny Thunders and Iggy Pop. I cast a fish eye lens view over the looks that define him.


The Dandy: This look (above) typifies the mid-late sixties era, when mainstream artists like The Stones experimented with LSD,sound and design, styling themselves like a trippy take on Edwardian gents in tailored floral shirts and coats, crushed velvet and hats.

noel leather jacket

The KeefNoel’s favourite leather coat with a fur collar is so reminiscent of the cackling Stones axeman Keith Richards, it may as well go off with a lissome blonde and live in a French villa for tax purposes. Note Fielding’s flirtatious look to camera: somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but a little bit aware that he’s a gorgeous creature.Cannot be denied.

noel mod look

The Mod: ‘Oi oi!’ The zipped-up retro cardigan that seems to suggest cheap speed, feuds with rockers, and razors on beaches. Pure attitude, a chameleon-like merging into sixties cheek, where bad boys ran amok, and dressing up was a political statement.





The Dark Clown: Pictured below with ex-girlfriend Dee Plume (real name Delia Gaitskell) from electro-pop band Robots In Disguise, who often appeared in various guises in The Mighty Boosh, this look has everything- Bowie, circa Ashes to Ashes, Alice In Wonderland and a soupcon of Alex Harvey in his pomp. It’s Pierrot with a Gothic twist, a theatrical spin on the bland tyranny of his and her’s that so many couples fall into. This is taken from the Robots In Disguise video for The Tears -really beautiful.





noel jumper


The Scandi Noir Scamp: Even at his most casual, Fielding looks divine. Tousled, androgynous and impish, but with enough Scandi Noir chic to carry it off. He’s possibly off to solve a crime with Russell Brand, before sleeping off the effects of a post-show party…


The Performance: Narcissist Noel, emulating Mick Jagger in classic 1970 film Performance. Drugged-out, faded glamour, messy hair and Moorish furniture in a London pile, this is taken from Series 2 of The Mighty Boosh. A Peacock indeed.

(Lorna Irvine)


Photos from Time Out, Pinterest, PR and BBC/Baby Cow



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