Some Art and Design in Glasgow


Alasdair Grey design, Oran More bar

The above lion with bagpipes in the entrance to the Oran Mor Whisky Bar was painted by the late Glasgow polymath Alasdair Grey. It’s cheeky, colourful and just the right side of kitsch. He also designed the stunning upstairs murals beloved of many brides, grooms and wedding guests.




Designer Cakes by Paige window display

Paige creates phenomenal bespoke cakes in Great Western Road shop. Couldn’t resist a pink flamingo and have a feeling John Waters would approve. Wonder if they do gluten free and asshole free versions for customers?!?


The Common Guild window display

This was taken by me in 2016. I never knew spoons, twigs and bulbs could create such a magical, ethereal design. It stopped me in my tracks.

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