Review: Oh Baby- Hey Genius

Mention 80s synth pop to anyone, and what is the first thing that springs to mind? Perhaps the soul of Alison Moyet in Yazoo, Andy Bell from Erasure, or Annie Lennox in Eurythmics? The detached erudition of Pet Shop Boys or Propaganda? Or how about the classic pulsing sleaze of Soft Cell or mid-period Depeche Mode?

Duo Oh Baby- comprised of distant cousins Jen Devereux and Rick Hornby- have the synth sounds down to a tee, but sadly, not the songs. Based between London and Manchester, they clearly adore the time they reference, but it’s like a facsimile of a different generation.

Photos by Karen Hornby

Everything here in this mini album is obviously faithful to the era. Devereux has a lovely pop voice, the production is crisp and clean, and there’s the obligatory chiming Oriental synth sounds through ‘In Her Car’ and choppy funk guitar in ”Need Somebody,’ but ultimately it’s all rather uninspired and forgettable.

The talent is undoubtedly there, as evinced by the dancefloor glitz of ‘Cruel Intention’, they just need to find some new sweet dreams…or some willing sex dwarves.

Out on August 27th via Burning Witches Records

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