The Comedy of Banality- John Shuttleworth


John Shuttleworth. Photo: PR

I love the comedy of banality. Frank Sidebottom, Ivor Cutler and the mighty John Shuttleworth all deal/t in the minutiae of being British, and by extension, a wee bit crap.

Shuttleworth, alter-ego of Graham Fellows, is back touring in spring. His songs, delivered with trademark deadpan exasperation on his Bontempi organ, deal in malfunctioning kettles, trips to Curry’s and margarine: the real issues of our times, in short.

Expect classic jams like ‘I Can’t Go Back to Savoury Now’, and ‘Pigeons In Flight’ alongside new bangers like ‘Two Margarines On The Go’. Dust down yer corduroy trousers and tan leather jacket, and hop on down to *insert venue here* Ooff, Ken!




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