Happy 500th Show, PPP!

IMG_9913i Gavin Mitchell, Clare Waugh.jpg

Photos: Leslie Black

A Play A Pie and A Pint celebrates its 500th show in grand style this week at Oran Mor, with the welcome return of Morag Fullarton’s  Casablanca: The Lunchtime Cut.

IMG_9909i Kevin Lennon, Gavin Mitchell, Clare Waugh.jpg

Starring Gavin Mitchell as the iconic Rick Blaine, with supporting actors Clare Waugh and Kevin Lennon, it’s a parody of Hollywood tropes with heart, humour and invention.

See my original review of this in http://www.list.co.uk

We critics even get a cheeky slug in the kisser. Ouch. Could be “the beginning of a beautiful friendship”. Here’s to the next 500 plays…

At Oran Mor, Glasgow until Saturday, 27th April.


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