Iggy Images


Photos: Rex

Iggy Pop, Mr Detroit city, it’s yr birthday. I celebrate your wit; energy, style, attitude and staying (raw) power.


You’ve given us some of the finest songs ever made, pretty much invented punk singlehandedly (something that you refute) and

Raw pg46 top right pic

Photo: Mick Rock

you have a lot of integrity (apart from a certain car insurance commercial)… Ever the walking contradiction… I loves ya.

Provocateur, actor, friend of Bowie and Lou, guest star on some brilliant recent records (Death Valley Girls and Underworld, anyone?) Iggy will never be second- guessed.


Even your speaking voice is coooool, like cigars and a really refined chocolate. Also, Iggy Confidential on 6Music is a great radio show, playing loads of different genres. Happy birthday, Jimmy!






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