Review: Hotline

Created by Produced Moon and writers Nima Sene and Meghan Tyler, Hotline is literally that… A number that you call in order to experience a virtual trip to outer space. It’s fully interactive- just call the number listed and await further information.

Funny, insightful and unique, Hotline gives a history of space from the perspective of overlooked pioneers such as the youngest American astronaut Sally Ride, Zambian Space Academy’s Matha Mwambwa and NASA consultant Jerrie Cobb. All are given a voice and wicked one-liners. There’s a knowing kitsch at times, with lounge music akin to Joe Meek and advertising parodies.

Along with such a focus on intersectionality, there are skewed takes on life on earth- references to mocktails; Elon Musk, ad blockers, and the complex vagaries of human interaction.

Sun Ra once held that Space Is The Place- Hotline suggests that perhaps he was onto something, and we’re ultimately all fragile little beings who’d possibly be better off in another galaxy. Until such time as that’s an affordable option, this is a nice, witty and often oddly poignant little audio trip.

Available until March 6th. Call 0808 196 8619 in the UK to participate.

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