Big Crimp Energy



In the 70s and 80s, the bigger the hair, the better. While Madonna brought Studio 54 realness, Kate Bush erred more towards the theatrical.



Tyra Banks, meanwhile, in her 90s pomp was all about power dressing, and a call to badass ladies everywhere to reclaim big hair as statement of empowerment. Hmmm. I’m aware of the dichotomy of seeing empowerment and capitalism, but hey ho.



It wasn’t really until after the millennium that men got in on this zig zaggy style (Bowie aside) so gawd bless Noel Fielding for bringing back the crimp – in hair and playground chant form alike.



Then… *Tumbleweed* identikit retail Britain. Homogeneity abounds, Hipsters are ubiquitous . Sheeran sells records and Simon Cowell’s puppets buy him a new face.

I propose a Crimp Army, a New Crimped Order, if you will. We’re in lockdown, doesn’t mean we have to let our locks down. Who is with me? We have nothing to lose but our locks, as we heat the fuck out of them.






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