The Milkman Cometh @ Horror Fest

The Milkman Cometh is a surreal and nightmarish fable for the ages, exploring the damaging effect cattle farming has had on our environment and highlighting the horrors of the dairy industry.

Featuring an original soundtrack and score being performed by metal band Fuck Slurry, live on stage, The Milkman Cometh is sure to get udder your skin.

In a not too distant bleak and milkless future, a lone warrior woman arrives in the village of Cud seeking fellow survivors and shelter. But this village is inhabited by a band of mason-like milky brothers who are full of dark secrets. For they still have a milkman, and the milk still cometh.

The show flips gender stereotypes on their head and features a kickass heroine who will stop at nothing to beat the pasteurised patriarchy.

The Milkman Cometh blends storytelling, physical theatre and puppetry, and captures DeadPlant’s signature silly style.

Come meet the Milkman…If…You…Dairy.

Performance Details

Dates/Times: Tuesday 8th –Thursday 10th October. 9.30-10.20pm

Location:  The Pleasance Islington Main House, Carpenter Mews, North Rd, N79EF

how does your work fit into the horror festival’s ethos?
This a post apocalyptic comedy horror. Our influences for the show include ‘The Wicker Man’ and the ‘League of Gentlemen’ and its a perfect late night theatre show for anyone who loves the horror genre and character comedy at its most grotesque. We also have an important message within the show, highlighting the horrors of the dairy industry and it’s impact on the environment
The Milkman Cometh. VAULT Festival. Photo Credit Mark Senior-3.jpg
what can the audience expect to experience?
Blood, guts, fight sequences, a kick-ass female protagonist, a live rock metal band, Milk, plus a little morris dancing thrown in too. This show is not for the faint hearted… or the lactose intolerant.
The Milkman Cometh. VAULT Festival. Photo Credit Mark Senior-4.jpg
how well does horror work as a theatrical genre?
We love horror theatre, and when its done really well it can be way scarier than other mediums because its live and you are experiencing it all right there in front of you. As a company, we love the comedy horror genre because it allows us to explore really dark themes but in a light-hearted way which doesn’t take itself too seriously. We want our audiences to be as amused as they are appalled.
The Milkman Cometh. VAULT Festival. Photo Credit Mark Senior-5.jpg
do you see your work in any theatrical – or other – tradition?
We are endlessly interested in the different ways of telling a story. We always use elements of clowning and we hope that we are able to build suspense in this show the way the classic horror films do.
how does this work fit in with your usual productions?
Our first show, was also a comedy horror called ‘The Service’ about a fictional extreme religious cult. It is just as gory and grotesque so the Milkman Cometh is a follow up very much in keeping with this style. We are also passionate about the environment and have another show called One Duck Down, with our family theatre arm of the company which is all about ocean pollution. This is a topic we like to address with our work as it is such a relevant and important issue.

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