Review: Sonic Bothy, CCA


Photo: Brian Hartley

Part of the wonder of Sonic Bothy is that each night is individual as a finger print. So it is with Immediate Buzz Shift.

Tonight, the ensemble features Gregor Gillespie, Adam Green, Andrew Robertson, Nichola Scrutton , Alex South and Allan Wright.


Photo: Brian Hartley

There are scratches of percussion, and Scrutton’s chattering, sighing and swooping vocals weave in and around South’s clarinet like a conversation.

It is the intersection between playfulness and dissonance. The cheekily titled Misbehaving Ain’t isn’t just an inversion of the jazz classic, it’s taken out for a stroll to unexpected places, with thunderous drum solos and new, complex rhythms.

Elsewhere, dusters are rubbed on guitar strings, and strings delicately plucked in minimalist pieces become a cacophony, as the ensemble create a huge tidal wave of noise, and their voices rise to a babble.

The longest piece of the evening, 3 Degrees Kelvin We Drift has piano lines like raindrops, drones and chants. It’s almost meditative, warm with glockenspiel and brushwork.

Where this inventive ensemble will go next, it is impossible to say, but it’s sure to be exciting, and entirely unexpected.

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