Celtic Connections Review: RM Hubbert/ Aidan Moffat

Reviewed at The Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow


Who doesn’t like beery songs from teary places? The percussive, flamenco- inflected guitar of RM Hubbert, affectionately known in indie circles as ‘Hubby’, in collaboration with arch Arab Strap frontman, Aidan Moffat, scored unexpected ‘chart’ success last year with their beautiful, poetic album ‘Here Lies The Body.’

It’s a meditation on love, soured sex and how nostalgia may not always be a source of comfort, with Moffat’s glowerings and deadpan zingers tempered by the likes of Siobhan Wilson – tonight, substituted by glorious violin player and singer Jen Reeve.

Tonight, being a part of Celtic Connections has thankfully not diluted their typically perverse musings. ‘Ah’mm going sports casual the night, but my new jeans are a bit slidey’, cringes Hubby.

As if an Alan Partridge reference wasn’t enough… elsewhere, there’s references to the relative merits of Blackpool, Brexit (not keen), dogging (worryingly ambivalent)  and a near- unprintable anecdote about Chas from Chas and Dave, and his piano.

Comedy stylings aside, their musical malaise is absolutely sublime, with ‘Cockcrow’ and ‘Quantum Theory Love Song’ like  velvet embraces in the dark and ‘Party On’ a welcome Latin cocktail shimmy.

Dark and light co-exist beautifully. It doesn’t even matter when there’s a tech glitch during ‘She Runs’. Chaos is all part of the gallus charm. We never expected anything less.



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