Review: Plagued Vol 2


Image: BHP Comics

Plagued: Vol 2 created by writer Gary Chudleigh and artist Tanya Roberts, focuses on a futuristic Scotland.

Mackie and faithful dog Dex are witch hunters on the run, railing against forces they believe are responsible for a pandemic.

The titular Miranda is a truly badass witch, with her own scores to settle. What is lurking deep within Reneco Defence and Weapons Research? And who can you really trust?

This fast- paced follow-up to Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles is colourful, wry and a cheeky play on the seeming ubiquity of sci-fi tropes.

With its humour, pathos and rolling action, it’s suitable for older kids and adults alike: who doesn’t like sassy outsiders, the struggle against deadly forces and a talking dog?

Out via BHP Comics, RRP. £8.99


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