Clown Cabaret Scratch Night

lewis sherlock.jpg

Lewis Sherlock’s The Good, The Bad and the Poultry. Photo contributed

Once upon a time, Plutot la Vie, Clownstepping and Melanie Jordan got together to create a new performance event.The Clown Cabaret was the wonderfully warped result, which has fast been gathering a big audience, showcasing as it does a group of disparate talents. Now, with financial support in the shape of a Creative Scotland Open Award, and with backing from Assembly Roxy, Manipulate, Tron Theatre and Surge Festival, it’s hitting its stride.

July will see a Clown Cabaret Scratch Night Special Edition in Dryburgh, where it will be part of Surge Festival- this is now a regular slot.

On June 3rd, though, it reconvenes at Assembly Roxy in Edinburgh to delight, titillate and amaze the crowd with ten acts, which range from the bizarre to the beautiful- sometimes both at once. Dare you enter its dark, velveteen settings?


Full Line-up:

Lewis Sherlock

Colette Duke

Fraser Anderson

Bridget Nicholson

Kirsty Nicolson

Colin Scott-Moncrieff

Ruxy Cantir

Tim Licata

Saras Feijoo

Max Scratchmann

Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh, 3rd June For more information, head to: and

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