Review: Oceanallover- ‘Sea Hames’

Oceanallover, led by merry art pranksters Alex Rigg and Florencia Garcia Chafuen, always bring something glorious to festival spaces and beyond.

Sea Hames, their latest project, continues their eclectic performance art. Inspired by the Orcadian Festival of the Horse and Ploughing Boys, they transfix spectators. In the unlikely, somewhat incongruous confines of the Tramway Family Day they creep, these majestic, almost medieval horses, playing songs which are rousing, sweeping and elegiac.


Bring on the dancing horses

They promenade out into the open gardens of Tramway, confounding, delighting and terrifying some very little ones. Others, like one little girl, want to join in. They snort, and swish their tails: space cannot confine such wild creatures. Bouffon yet graceful- not minstrels nor dancers; nor performance artists- yet all of these things, they blur categories and bring an enchantment to the most prosaic of atmospheres. They seem to be singing, ‘fresh blood’, reminding us that art can truly transcend when it’s done right.
(Lorna Irvine)


Sunshine promenade

For more information on forthcoming projects, head to:

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