Preview: Jan Tait and the Bear, CCA


Illustration contributed

Emily Doolittle‘s comedic chamber opera is for all those ages eight and up, an endearing family tale of how Jan Tait, railing against greedy tax collectors and a snooty Norwegian king, learns the true spirit of co-operation and friendship- and there’s a lot of butter,too.

A medieval folk tale from Shetland, it blends the grotesque with the adorable, in the shape of a furry bear who melts the heart of the rebellious adventurer. Witty, beautiful songs performed by Ensemble Thing and some gross-out humour means it transcends easy categories. With wonderful performances by Alan McHugh, Catherine Backhouse and Brian McBride, directed by Stasi Schaeffer, it is one which will run and run- get there early and say you saw it first.

(Lorna Irvine)

CCA, Glasgow, 8th October at 1 pm


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