Review: Seeta Patel- The Rite of Spring

There have been so many recent versions of Stravinsky’s notorious ballet The Rite of Spring that it would seem that there are no new choreographic paths left to explore.

So London- based choreographer Seeta Patel has brought yet another layer with her use of bharatanatyam dance, traditional Indian steps.

It’s sparse, using only half a dozen dancers, and, bathed in gorgeous, glowing oranges, blues and reds, is visually striking. The company are clearly wonderful: the epitome of precision.

But although technically brilliant, there is a lack of violence and menace here, or real urgency. The piece feels more like magical realism, with moody stomps and languid lines replacing the wild thrashing we’ve come to expect. This renders the piece a little bloodless. Still, kudos to the company for taking a different approach altogether- it’s not without some inventive and beautiful moments.

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