Review: Bad Waitress- No Taste

O Canada! This is the good stuff. The new album from Toronto rock rascals Bad Waitress is reminiscent of really gnarly rock bands like The Lunachicks, Distillers and Death Valley Girls, all badass riffs and brittle poetry.

Produced, mixed and recorded by Dave Schiffman, there is some psychedelic rock, with a lysergic sugar cube tang (‘Rabbit Hole’) chanted, filthy takes on nursery rhymes ‘Strawberry Milkshake’ and ‘Manners’, and a more reflective, melancholic side on ‘Reatless Body’.

It’s lovely to hear the grunge template revitalised and pushed forward by a new generation. Their colossal drums and vocals are tailor made for worldwide moshpits. This is confident, fully formed songwriting by a band who should be massive this time next year.

Out on September 3rd via Royal Mountain Records

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