Edinburgh Festival Review: Till Love Do Us Part

Lorna Fitzgerald and Liam Oko

Written and directed by Kirsty Halliday, this two -hander, filmed in the Cayman Islands where Halliday is based, has the delicacy of confetti from the outset, as Jennifer (Lorna Fitzgerald) and Simon (Liam Oko) date, fall in love, move in and marry.

Their respective differences are aired early on: she’s a sardonic, no- nonsense English estate agent into royal TV dramas; he’s a feckless but well-meaning Canadian lawyer with a penchant for Bojack Horseman. There’s a sense that any bigger problems can be worked through, as they meet each challenge in their relationship directly with wit and maturity. They seem made for each other.

However, a devastating blow arises when Jennifer suffers a miscarriage, leaving her utterly bereft and Simon unable to cope at all. It’s here that the play really comes into its own, with each new crushing revelation chipping away at a once solid marriage.And then, things deteriorate even more.

Occasionally, the script seems tilted more towards Simon’s background- I want to know more about Jennifer’s, especially what drove her parents to divorce.

But Halliday has a great ear for dialogue, and the duo give sharp, well- measured performances. How satisfying that each character is given equal parts wit and pathos. It’s a slow- burner, with heart, and a finale that is quietly shattering: you ache for both of them.

Available through Fringe Player until August 30th.


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