Edinburgh Festival Review: Dr Blood’s Old Travelling Show

In a world gone increasingly to shit, it’s nice to see shows which address some of the chaos in an anarchic style. imitating the dog have always marched to the beat of their own drum, and so it is with the online version of Dr Blood’s Old Travelling Show. It’s like a dystopian carny for the twenty first century.

This particular iteration takes a behind the scenes look at how to stage the show in the coronavirus struck cities (turn up in the van and just get on with it, essentially) and moves straight from van to stage- all part of the charm.

Images by Ed Waring

The script from co- creators Andrew Quick and Pete Brooks is of course roguish, satirical and a bit gory. Not all of the jokes land, but the engaging trio of Dr Blood, played by Matt Prendergast, Elua (Keicha Greenidge) and Esheth (Laura Atherton) sustain any such quibbles. They’re such impish presences.

James Hamilton’s music vacillates between music hall and punk, and the freewheeling storytelling may be inconsistent, but somehow it hangs together.

Available until August 19th via Zoo TV



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