Vile at the Fringe: From the Snug Episode 2

Here we go again: Vile chats with two guests, who tolerate his distraction, poor eyesight and general ignorance to consider issues of performances, flyering, comedy and Covid restrictions. Recorded live beneath the Assembly Roxy, in the Snug bar, this addition to the critical mass of the Fringe is to be welcomed by anyone who wants to get beneath the surface of the contemporary theatre arts scene…

…and that last sentence is exactly the kind of thing Vile ought to be avoiding. Still, there are a couple of great guests on here: Isabelle Farah and Michael Blaha. Farah has her show, Ellipsis and talks about comedy and theatre, and how she developed a show about grief and standup. Blaha has a whole bunch of stuff, including online and offline shows, Elton John and Elvis and a ride in an uber.

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