Review: Raven Bush-Fall Into Noise

This, the debut solo album from enigmatic Margate- based composer Raven Bush, is so assured as to make you believe it’s a mid-career project. He has previously collaborated with Christine and the Queens, among others, but this couldn’t be a more different project.

Veering more towards experimental techno and ambient, Bush’s tunes positively glisten like shards of glass. It’s a pristine and intense album, invoking dystopian worlds full of automatons. So, where Made Of Stars is riddled with menace, A Choice is more reminiscent of Aphex Twin at his most dancefloor friendly.

March is a keys- led, epic anthem with niggly basslines, and Factory Of Light feels like a clockwork techno party in some newly formed planet.

The scope of Bush’s sound is breathtaking. As the intensity and claustrophobia threatens to overwhelm, it’s tempered by futuristic ambient soundscapes like Your Space and The Window, which leave room to breathe, pull focus and contemplate. There is light and shade throughout.

Techno heads may love it, but so too will fans of sci-fi film composers, as well as those predisposed to the more avant-garde, esoteric side of electronic music. He can surely go anywhere now.

Fall Into Noise is released on August 13th, via PRAH Recordings.

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