Bjork’s Innovative New Concept: essence

Image: HD/ images

Bjork has never been one to slot into complacency or comfortable, predictable spaces. So it seems apposite that her new concept is not actually music- related.

In a statement, released from her management company yesterday and exclusive to Artwank magazine, Ms Gudmundsdottir said, ‘I am going to release perhaps my most ambitious and intimate project yet, essence.

Photo: Tim Walker

Essentially, for only $600 in New York, Reykjavik and Tokyo, you will be able to inhale me. My gas smells like jasmine and pistachio, or rose quartz and vanilla with a pinch of candyfloss. It’s something I have been thinking about for six years, how could scientists capture the essence of people? Now, when we can return to bars, cafes and restaurants, people can literally drink me in. It’s more intimate than concerts, and I think $600 for ten minutes is reasonable, given the pandemic and loss of jobs.’

Her legions of fans took to social media to celebrate the latest innovation from the quirky artist. One fan, @Nymph91 said on Twitter, ‘I always wondered what Bjork’s fragrance was. Now I’ll be able to experience it for myself. It’s not too expensive. Thank you kween’.

Utopia cover

Another, @bjorkvesperteen added, ‘OMG!!! Bjork is giving me life. Who cares about her music when we can actually inhale her? #blessed #essence #experiencesirl #influencer ‘

Find Bjork’s essence in cafes and bars across Reykjavik, New York and Tokyo. Further details to be announced.

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