Lost In Music: Bad Waitress- Delusions of Grandeur

Bad Waitress: good service with this single

Toronto four piece Bad Waitress may not get your coffee and cherry pie to your table on time, but boy, can they provide riffs. Experimental influences are all over their debut album, No Taste , and this new single is particularly fine.

Delusions of Grandeur, with its superb video directed by acclaimed film maker Genevieve Blais, focuses on charlatans, manipulators and generally charismatic conmen, and zooms in on the insidious nature of their personalities, thus acting as an appropriate metaphor for certain leaders and politicians.

Katelyn, Kali-Ann, Moon and Nicole have a crunchy, post-punk sound which is reminiscent of the late eighties and the likes of Throwing Muses, Sonic Youth and Fugazi.

No Taste is released on September 3rd via Royal Mountain.

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