Scottish Tribute Bands

Photo by Suvan Chowdhury on

Imagine when things have opened up again and you are itching to see some live bands again. You turn up at your local venue and any of this lot are playing. I’d turn in the opposite direction and run…

Please note: all these bands are entirely fictional, to the best of my knowledge… probably just as well.

The ‘Eah ‘Eah ‘Eahs

Dundee answer to the New York trio. Not endorsed by Karen, Nick and the other dude.

The Deep-Fried Mars Volta

Artery- clogging prog/math rock band, available in conjunction with all good chippies. Not recommended, really.

Jeff Buckfast

Troubled, complex singer-songwriter with a worrying predilection for Scotland’s favourite elixir of youth.


High camp theatrical rock from the frozen north of Scotland. Dinnae stop them noo., ken.

A Flock of Sheep

Highland group, interesting coiffure and synth combo.

The Jeely

Angry young new-mod trio. Songs include Milton Rifles.

Ra Burrrds

Ironic, all-female, faux-neds from Glasgow bring a psychedelic shimmer.

Radge Against the Machine

Edinburgh agit-rock at its finest. Huzzah!

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