Review: Miss Honey

Photos by Rebecca Need Menear

As pop toff Sophie Ellis Bextor once sang, “It’s murder on the dancefloor”. Nina isn’t posh, but life is easier on the dancefloor than off it.

An English tutor in her mid-thirties, Nina is at the stage in her life where things should be all set. After all, her best friend Aby is getting married and is pregnant. Everyone is, it seems. Instagram is rife with perfect homes, wonderful lives and FOMO. Nina is still young, eloquent and vibrant. So how come things are not as simple as losing herself in an early morning dance -off with a drag queen?

Beautifully directed by Roisin O’ Mahony, Jo Griffin’s performance is a masterclass in naturalism, wilh pin-sharp observations about the barriers of class, the limited expectations on women and how growing up can all too often result in compromise, which kills off dreams.

This monologue- also written by Griffin- was filmed in Jonny Woo and John Sizzle’s legendary bar The Glory, with Nina as party gal talking direct to camera, taking the viewer from bar stool to loos to tear-stained wedding reception, where our heroine,a little the worse for courage- inducing shots, delivers a speech that is an overshare too far. Suffice it to say, the cliques are inheriting the earth, and Nina is not best pleased.

It’s all as raw, unfiltered and painful as a diary entry, but also absolutely hilarious. Nina, with her slick dance moves and unadorned home truths on class, relationships, patriarchal dominance and feeling othered, should resonate with those of us who chose to pursue goals rather than motherhood. She’s the thinking person’s Fleabag.

Even better than Sophie Ellis-Bextor though is the banger of choice, the Bicep tune, ‘Glue’ at the end. Nina has found her real tribe to dance with, and they don’t judge. After all, they have struggled too, and that builds character.Stick that on yer Instagram.

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