Review: Drinking Boys and Girls Choir- Marriage License

Daegu skate punk trio Meena, MJ and Myorori comprise the brilliant Drinking Boys and Girls Choir- Marriage License is their second album and it’s a pure shot of much needed adrenaline.

Taking on issues around self and society, the trio are interrogating Korea as young people with a particular emphasis on women and LGBTQ+ communities.

Hit The Corner is thrashy, I Am Not A Machine is a staccato attack with sirens, and Grab The Chance is even more urgent and visceral.

But there’s a sweeter side too, as evinced by There Is No Spring which showcases softer vocals from Meena, without losing the crunch or energy.

This call to autonomy and action makes sense as our world starts to reassess normality, whatever the hell that might entail. A welcome antidote to pessimistic complacency? I’ll drink to that.

Available on July 21st via Damnably and Electric Muse

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