Review: Smithers and Wing

Written by Heather Palmer and beautifully illustrated by Kirsty Hunter, Smithers and Wing are paranormal investigators for the 21st century.

Pitched perfectly for older teens and adults alike, the usual crime genre clichés are eschewed for more fleshed out characters . You won’t find grim faced divorcees with a drink problem here.

Flora Smithers and August Wing are a married couple and independent private investigators specialising in eerie goings-on in the heart of Edinburgh. When a young girl goes missing, the duo have to pull their resources to solve the case. However, things get twisted, when it emerges that Smithers has a personal link to the mysterious organisation at the core. How can the pair get involved if it means sacrificing their own integrity?

What sets this graphic novel apart from so many others, is how it plays with genre tropes and becomes action adventure, supernatural tale and celebration of feminist autonomy all at once, without skimping on pacy storytelling. It’s also great fun.

Leave spandex and origin stories to the others- Smithers and Wing are the new dynamic duo to spend time with. So are Palmer and Hunter!

Available now, priced £12

Buy through Etsy (see details below)

Also available through Waterstones

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