The Crayon Critic Is Back!

I’m back, after a brief…hia…erm… break, to write about online shows. It’s okay, I’m not going outside my comfort zone. I’ll stick to what I like best… Musical theatre and frivolous comedy shows.

It’s cool lockdown is nearly over. Soon, venues will be open again and I can rustle crisp packets and noisily eat sweets as the snobs glower at me. With my trite observations about plotlines and primary school vernacular, I’ve every right to be there (especially if that cute bloke from EastEnders is in the cast).

If there is complexity to the narrative (or story, as I call it) no probs, I can crib by reading proper critics’ reviews before I write my own, so I can read what they’ve said, plagiarise (big word there!!!) and subtly adapt their words, so I don’t get sued. Should I completely fail to comprehend the show, no worries- two stars and ‘it didn’t work for me’.

Good to be back. Pass the crayons. My fave is the red one. No going over the lines, now…

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