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Hey, all.


Blessings, blossoms. My name is Serenity Pink Moone, and I am here today on Gossamer Wings to teach you all how to rid yourself of that toxic person. You know, the one you just can’t seem to get rid of? As ever, if you are new here to this channel dears, hit the SUBSCRIBE button on the screen and you will get fresh content every week. Find your glow.

What you must do, uh huh? Is just, like, centre. Can you do that for me please? Just centre and like, your heart’s desire will manifest. Go into your DEEPER self. Yoga, me time and focusing on YOU, and you will eliminate negativity. Just like toxins from the body. That toxic person will be, like bacteria, flushed away. Gone. In a heartbeat. As if they never existed.

So let’s get to it. Have you ever noticed that unhappy people frown all the time? And that fat people seem… Really unfulfilled? Or that stupid, wretched people cannot see the blessings that surround them? They have obviously never tuned in, and hit SUBSCRIBE. But you all have, all six million of you- thank you from the bottom of my bank account, I thank and kiss you all. I have read literally tens of hundreds of books and spent,like, hours watching videos on life coaching. Hashtag BELIEVE, if you can think it, you can be it. This is true of anything. Ignore the critics and naysayers. They are probably deeply UGLY people who just complain all the time. We know the TRUTH,dears. You can think anything away, anything bad can be eliminated.

I know, I know, it sounds crazy, so hey, maybe I am a little crazy. That’s what they all said at school. But now look at me! Six million subscribers. Viewers who are here to receive the truth. Because you are all beautiful blossoms, yes? Hashtag, BLOSSOMS.

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Find your space, your unique you- Ness in this world.Mmm? No-one can take away that you-ness. It belongs to you and nobody else. Sing your song, make up the words as you go along and just…dance. Buy some purple and turquoise cushions. This will attract positivity. Your aura will glow, you will earn money, attract beautiful, spiritual, slim people, puss silver sparkling unicorn piss and become at one with the universe. Shake off the shackles of oppression and rejection and become mindful.

Photo by Sunyu Kim on Pexels.com

Drift. Laugh. Float.

You are but a lotus flower floating upstream. Do you DOUBT me? Doubt is an ugly word, we don’t use that here. All you have to do is listen to my series of nebulous statements and clichés… Err… Sorry.

I mean my golden advice, and become a patron. Sign up today, blossoms and for the love of Allah, Buddha and Christ… It’s as easy as ABC.


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