Lucifer Over Lanarkshire: Moz v The Simpsons

From Moz’s FB profile

Inevitably, I suppose, His Royal Mozness, AKA Steven Patrick Morrissey, and his manager Peter Katsis, have pushed back over the most recent episode of The Simpsons- Panic On The Streets of Springfield- where Lisa has an imaginary friend called Quilloughby who closely resembles Morrissey, right down to quiff, veganism and waspish one liners. Benedict Cumberbatch does uncanny vocal work on the character, and the songs are affectionately written by Flight of the Conchords’ Bret McKenzie.

However, he’s also depicted later on as overweight,racist and deeply out of touch with modern society. Moz has complained that it’s “ignorant” and “hurtful”- this from the man who once sang proudly that “there is no-one in this world that I’m afraid of”. Why the predictable hissy fit?

Moz type Quilloughby and Lisa Simpson

Hmm, perhaps it’s just that the truth hurts? I know that The Simpsons hasn’t been hugely relevant for a long time, and doesn’t always get it right, but it does rather seem that Moz also “hasn’t had a hit for a long time” to paraphrase him a little, and his support for dubious right-wing groups, ill-advised pronouncements on politics and failing to turn up at his own headline shows for petty reasons have contributed to his own downfall.

Heaven knows he’s parodied now

It’s so sad to see those we once loved losing it, and I say that as a lifelong Smiths fan. He should be glad he’s being parodied at all, particularly in 2021, but sadly, his disproportionate reaction comes across as Narcissism 101.

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