British People In Hot Weather

Betwixt Britney and clown

Ahh, the great British summertime,or thanks to climate change, our unseasonably hot springs. A plethora of styles can be savoured- from the classic totem of boorish masculinity, “taps aff” with skin the colour of uncooked pork sausage, to Katie Price and Jodie Marsh clown make-up.

Taps aff

The Fall as ever skewered the humble UK holiday goer in the cheerfully acerbic British People In Hot Weather proving that there is indeed a Fall song for every occasion. This isn’t the Riviera, and as long as there is sun, there is trouble.

A young make-up artist called Ellena Brice from London recently shared her epic fail with fake tan to the tabloid press. Naturally pale skinned,she tried a home tanning lotion. The result was, as she described, her “walking around like a Dorito for two weeks”. See below for evidence. Not what she signed up for.

The smell of grass (and I don’t mean green grass) lager, ,burger vans, fake tan and Hawaiian Tropic? Must be Spring time in Britain. Yay.

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