Review: Anna Secret Poet- Pity Party

No, actually. This album, which was recorded during lockdown, is full of introspection. And it’s really wonderful.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still filled with catchy melodies and wired eccentricity- Pretty Shitty is a Ramones like jaunt about being thwarted at every turn- but tracks like Optimists Beware have a thoughtful acoustic mood. Anna captures the gnawing frustration we have collectively felt in dealing with the pandemic. But she still has the witty wordplay and anthems- We Find Peace would be killer at a music festival.

I Came (steady now!) emulates the frantic yelping energy of early Adam and the Ants- think Dirk Wears White Sox updated for these uncertain times.

And with How Long Can Anger Last? Anna almost crafts a ballad- albeit with a witty reference to The Incredible Hulk. It’s disarmingly pretty.

Don’t worry, Anna hasn’t sold out, and will never pander to the Ed Sheeran crowd- she’s far too indie, wry and smart for that- but as far as songs to get us through hard times go, there are few as effervescent as on Pity Party. Her songwriting goes from strength to strength.

Available February 12th.

Find more on Anna at WordPress and across social media

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