Best of 2020

2020 can suck it. In a year when so many people have lost their jobs, much of their sanity and the ability to remember normal life where we could congregate and hear live music, at least the soundtrack was great.

My favourite music isn’t for everyone and probably won’t make the majority of end of year lists. Don’t care, that’s why it’s mine!

Deerhoof’s Future Teenage Cave Artists, amazingly their fifteenth (what?!??!) is as unfathomably brilliant and brilliantly unfathomable as ever: woozy, otherworldly, warped and futuristic. Satomi and Greg swapped vocals and the effect’s otherworldly as ever.

Bicep, Bonobo, Kokoroko and Sudan Archives fused jazz, Afrobeat and dance music together and it is all, somehow, a great fit.

Queer pop continues to flourish. Big Joanie and Perfume Genius brought soul and sass, and my wee Fife pal and total scamp Ben Seal scored an ace with his album Death and More.

Billy Nomates and Stick In The Wheel brought feminist aggression, opposition and hooks galore to indie playlists.

On the noisier scale, Otovoke Beaver and Pigs x7 finessed their stadium sized influences and brought their unique humour to social media.

Keep it eclectic in ’21, here’s hoping for bigger and better things. Can’t be worse than *WAP, that’s for sure!

*let’s not go there…

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