In Praise of Vintage Filth

I like vintage kink, which, given I’m a Goth girl at heart, should come as no surprise. Whereas modern hetero-normative porn is often about degradation and the end result (money shot etc) it’s not always aesthetically pleasing or appealing to me (bisexual and in my forties).

This is where vintage, especially Victorian smut, comes in. The people involved don’t look like they’re trying too hard or coerced into it. Less can be more.

The semi- clad fetish stuff in particular is actually, to my mind, rather beautiful. Not only does it look enjoyable and playful to participate in, but the women and men are lit artistically, and often there are different body types. These images are both sexy and classy. No cream pie, violence and dodgy subtext here. Just consenting adults. Photography was still in its infancy, so too was the experimentation in filth. Blimey, Mrs …

Look, it’s all subjective. But I like the innocence and the use of props and accessories. The devil, as ever, is in the detail. Gloves, masks, spanking machines and horse heads? I’m in.

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