Review: Raven’s Reprise- George Finlay Ramsay and Rudi Zygadlo

A tone poem that’s brittle, beautiful and brutal, Raven’s Reprise was created by writer George Finlay Ramsay and composer Rudi Zygadlo in response to the all-consuming dystopian feeling that we’re living through in 2020.

At once, a scathing meditation on the things we consume to nullify, vilify and pacify, and tentative ode to the resilience of nature, this twenty minute piece dissects society through a jaundiced bird’s eye view- that of shapeshifting narrator Raven.

Gliding over households, shops and the darkened corners of a crumbling system, she at last encounters Fatberg, a wheezing amalgamation of white male entitlement.

The result is a lucid, raw, witty and rather touching manifesto to rebuilding a broken world, when the old ways seem unfit for purpose.

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