Review: Death Valley Girls- Under The Spell Of Joy

In these deeply unsettling days, it’s all too easy to get bogged down with divisive politicians, everyday stresses and worry about the future. So Death Valley Girls’ new album Under The Spell Of Joy is a welcome antidote to our collective angst.

Hold My Hand is like Siouxsie fronting The Seeds, with a rolling keyboard from Gregg Foreman, and Bliss Out is the most joyful memento mori in a long time. Dream Cleaver is hypnotic trippy garage with a soft centre.

Here, the band are cautiously optimistic, presenting hip-swinging 60s tinged psychedelic rock with Goth undertones as a kind of resistance. Bonnie Bloomgarden has a voice that just gets richer and more defiant, and the songs are timely reminders to be mindful, and in the case of The Universe, that we’re all connected.

Saxophone skronks, a children’s choir and hypnotic rhythms from Rikki Styxx anchor the album in energy and hope that things won’t always be so tough. Death Valley Girls are like white witches, binging on red wine, incense and peppermints,The Velvet Underground and black cats, while rooted in modern day concerns. I’m in. You’ll be enchanted too.

Out now via Suicide Squeeze.

2 thoughts on “Review: Death Valley Girls- Under The Spell Of Joy

    1. Yeah, love ’em. Saw them in Glasgow last year. Wonderful, and Bonnie jumped on me and cuddled me because she dug my Lovely Eggs t shirt. Top band

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