Review: Mux Mool- Skulltaste II


Photo: press

Skulltaste II is dance music full of glitches, playful samples, leftfield beats and wayward U turns. It oozes Detroit cool.

Mux Mool, aka producer Brian Lundgren, has created what can be best described as “haunted house music” here. Tracks like Boner Of A Lonely Heart and Sorry For Your Gloss aren’t just groan- inducing puns, they’re tracks featuring minimalist beats with funky detours and crunchy, satisfying percussion.

Fan Fiction is spooky and layered, and Where You At provides deep bass and skittish synths. It’s perfect for lockdown kitchen grooving. Wonderfully, too, Mool’s record label Young Heavy Souls, run by Matt McFerrin, is  providing resources for those interested in the Black Lives Matter campaign and activism associated with it. Forward thinking music with a conscience starts here. See below for more information on how to get involved.

Out via Young Heavy Souls on July 10th.

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