Review: Sonic Boom- All Things Being Equal


Pete Kember who records as Sonic Boom is an indie legend. As an ex member of pioneers Spacemen 3,he forever cemented a new wave of psychedelic fuzz for the late eighties, inspiring the likes of Orbital and Primal Scream. Most recently, though, it’s as a producer that Kember has excelled, helming the likes of Panda Bear and MGMT.

So it’s his first solo album in thirty years. And it’s every bit as beautiful as expected. Spinning Coins and Wishing On Clovers is mired in introspection, a poem about hindsight, soaked in ecstatic bleeps.

On A Summer’s Day is hymnal and soothing, and Just Imagine emulates the bliss of Screamadelica era Primal Scream. But it’s Tawkin Tekno that feels most alert, with its playful Kraftwerk squelch.

A retro- futurist electronic album is ideal for contemplative June sunsets. Kember’s return creates a welcome space for music for brain and body.

Out via Carpark Records on June 5th



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