Review: Sunwatchers- Oh Yeah?


Like a massive shot of adrenaline, the new Sunwatchers album Oh Yeah? is just what’s required right now.

A winning combination of space rock and jazz, it’s an esoteric hybrid that’s not for everyone, but repeated listens get under your skin in a pleasurable way.

They’ll even cure tooth decay (Sunwatchers Vs Tooth Decay)… this track references Muhammad Ali and has a similar grace and punch.

Brave Rats is a manic inspired mutations of ideas, propulsive  and The Conch sounds like the epic soundtrack to a psychedelic film that’s yet to be created.


This eccentric bunch exist in their own realm, a New York (via Mars) combo playing hypnotic freakbeat for those who eschew mainstream tedium. I’m in.

Out now via Trouble In Mind


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