Sako Kojima- The Reason I Became A Hamster, The Arches, 2015.


All words and photos by Lorna Irvine.

Sako Kojima’s The Reason I Became A Hamster seems, in retrospect, like one of the most prescient pieces of performance art I ever experienced.

In the much missed venue The Arches in Glasgow, the mini festival Behaviour took place. It showcased bizarre, esoteric, challenging or transgressive work which didn’t fit into a neat theatre genre.



2015 saw the arrival of Kojima, the Japanese artist and sculptor, whose witty and pointed piece was an indictment of  everyday work and life.

She lived, ate, preened and spun in a giant wheel just like a hamster, mocking the daily rigmarole. I found watching her soporific, hypnotic and oddly comforting, if a tad voyeuristic.



Rather sadly now, it seems we are all living like little hamsters during lockdown. Kojima just beat us all to this with her beguiling, inspired work.


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