Review: Hanni El Khatib- Flight


Hanni El Khatib recently survived a terrible car accident and this has shaped and informed his new album Flight.

Gone are the more straightforward garage rock songs which sealed his reputation. In their place are tracks which cross genres. For example, Harlow starts with typical low rumbling sleaze, but becomes an open hearted declaration of love with an electronic buzz.

Stressy is antsy, percussive hip-hop with crunchy beats, while in contrast Dumb feels like doo-wop on downers. Whereas, as you would expect by the title, Alive is a statement of intent, seventies inflected funk and beats as defiant paean to survival.

In short, it’s a working through of emotions, it seems, a look at where the singer songwriter locates himself and his response to an increasingly fragmented society, and is all the richer and more curious for it.

Out via Innovative Leisure on May 15th.




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