Bob Mortimer’s Train Guy

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Photo: YouTube

In these difficult times, comedy is a good way to get through it all. So who better than Bob Mortimer to keep us laughing at human idiocy?

We have all encountered a Train Guy on our travels. Loud, overpaid, and with a curious Transatlantic accent that’s half Thames Estuary, half Chicago, he’s a special kind of dickhead.

Bragging about his business deals and meetings, he talks mostly in metaphors and clichés. As long as the whole train can share in his Narcissistic bullshit, his work is done.

Mortimer takes this to hilarious extremes, twisting the language into surreal new shapes as only he can. The fact it’s filmed on real train journeys only adds to the appeal. “Yuh… Yuh”.


Find Train Guy on YouTube, Twitter, and an InterCity bound for London when this horrible virus subsides.

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