The Future’s Here Today: Former Utopia



Our friends at Damnably have just released this, the debut album from Former Utopia. The band, comprised of George Gargan, Rama Lee and Russell Evans, are a mighty force indeed.

Magnetar is a bruising combination of the personal and political. Recorded by the legendary Steve Albini, the album explores the recent loss of Gargan’s mother, the exploration of white men and their mistreatment of Asian women in Hong Kong, anxiety and psychology, and, in Smile  (see video below) the lack of accountability in perma-grinning, Oasis stroking ex- PM Tony Blair (lest we forget, Labour have got previous when it comes to their part in the Iraq war).

It’s a brilliant, frenetically paced and self-assured record for self-isolation, a reminder that we often need tough music to get through tough times.





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