Review: Anna Secret Poet-No Brainer


Photos credit: Phil and Angela at Them! Images

Anna Secret Poet isn’t a cabaret star, punky enigma, drag chanteuse or comedian- she is all of those. She is equally at home in the Panopticon, at various comedy gigs, or presenting Queer Theory. With a battered guitar, and savage wit, she owns any space she lands in.

New album No Brainer continues her tongue-in-cheek trajectory into energetic anthems, self-deprecating humour and different genres. Indeed, it’s an eclectic stew: ‘Poke The Bear’ has a post-punk spikiness, a la Bauhaus, and ‘A Week Without Worry’ is playful lounge music. ‘B Movie’ meanwhile, is a glam rock stomper which references John Carpenter (Anna is a massive  horror film fan).



The lyrics are at once witty and introspective, and the songs often veer into bizarre tangents. Take ‘Goth Girls’. It starts like an affectionate bossa nova tribute to the much maligned tribe, but then rocks out.

This is Anna in a nutshell: impossible to second-guess, smart, cheeky, and disarmingly charming. What’s not to like?

Out Monday, 6th April.

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