Review: Peggy Sue- Surf Xmas



Ahhh, that’s better. As an antidote to Slade, Cliff and anything with bloody CHILDREN’S CHOIRS (Humbug! I say) Peggy Sue release this gorgeous EP, Surf Xmas. It is the perfect gift for those who like their rockabilly with a swoon, a romantic retro treat for wide-eyed dreamers, who also like a bit of Dick Dale and Link Wray… rebels with causes, and a few John Waters films.


The Brighton- London duo, who just recorded a gorgeous session for Marc Riley a couple of weeks ago,bring the right kind of harmonies and twangy guitar,with a warm and fuzzy feeling- more like mulled wine going down than egg nog coming back up. Sweet but not treacly, they were inspired by friends and recent tour-mates La Luz, who play emotive surf pop.

They follow up with a new album on February 21st via French Exit and tour in Spring 2020.

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