Review: Zadie Xa- Child Of Magohalmi and the Echoes of Creation, Tramway

Part of Dance International Glasgow


All words and photos by Lorna Irvine.

Zadie Xa’s Child Of Magohalmi and the Echoes of Creation is a multimedia installation and durational performance, featuring four dancers- Iris Chan, Yumino Seki, Mary Feliciano and Jia-Yu Corti- who bob and weave around the room, emulating first the tides, then goddess spirits through capricious and ever shifting natures: sorrowful, maniacal, sensual, impish, reserved, fierce, contemplative, proud. Artwork, costumes, orca sculptures and masks created by Benito Mayor Vallejo festoon the space, and a large aquatic film, created by Vallejo and edited by Xa, sits front and centre.

It all serves as Korean mythology and ecological warning from past to present, an interrogation of the manifold issues around climate change and masculine/ feminine power.


It’s beautiful; restful, disturbing and transformative. The four women in resin masks confront audience members face to face, and individual reactions are dependent upon those who embrace immersive work and those who are too young or not au fait with it. Some children in the space are frightened, some get fits of the giggles (the delight/fear paradox) whereas others feel completely at ease.

The movements, initially, are meditative, circular and soporific. At other times, they dissolve into shamanic whirling, trance, and sophisticated mirroring, emulating shadow psyches.


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