Bend Sinister: Quentin Smirhes


Quentin Smirhes, created by writer and film maker Sean Reynard is the febrile re-imagining of children’s school TV from the seventies cupboard. He’s my new hero. It’s like ‘Vision On’ directed by Jan Svankmajer.


Witness the instructional pointers,  and afternoon exercises presented with exhaustive precision by Mr Smirhes, a visionary, sporting a fringe cut with kitchen scissors, in fetching mustard and knickerbockers, or jumpsuit option for leisure time pursuits.

Enjoy choir practice, with added puppetry. Witness hitherto unknown approaches to the soothing sounds of Erik Satie. It’s not even remotely creepy. There’s worms, Lycra, biscuits, tea and milk… So much milk.

Join Mr Smirhes in his garden or allocated education space. Squat. Do the Agitated Swan. Do it. IT’S FOR YOUR OWN GOOD.

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