Mother Goose Fae Easterhoose



Mother Goose is a total classic – but pretty rare as a choice these days. What made you pick it?

Previous renditions of Mother Goose have featured a ‘bad’ angel asking a ‘good’ angel to show them one truly incorruptible soul on earth and the ‘good’ angel has pointed to Mother Goose as such an individual. Lewis Hetherington, who has written the show, and I were quite taken with this question and by the thought of applying it to events of the day. Climate crisis, greed and morality all feature in the show but we were also drawn to the idea of having lots of fun with geese and golden eggs so don’t worry we feel sure it will prove welcome relief from current affairs! 



How does the Easterhouse element enter into the production?


Mother Goose, daughter Greta and Bruce the Goose live in Easterhouse, they sell milkshakes from their home on the edge of the forest. During the story Maw is seduced by the bright lights of the Fort shopping centre and all its glittering shops, bars and restaurants. There are also plenty of references to sights and sounds that will be familiar to many of those living in the east end or anyone that pays a visit to the venue. This is the sixth festive show that we have made for Platform and we’re always really keen to celebrate Easterhouse, the people and the place. We’ve set Puss in Boots in an Easterhouse Veterinary Surgery, Rapunzel in a local hairdressers and are very excited to bring Mother Goose to the party! 



How important is this piece in the context of the year round programme of Platform – that is, how does it fit within your usual programming approach?


We are driven by a desire to bring work of the highest quality at accessible prices to Easterhouse. At a time of year when financial demands are very high, it is a key part of our vision to offer an entertaining family show with a well crafted narrative to public audiences at a price far cheaper than the majority of city centre venues. The festive programme doesn’t begin and end with Mother Goose fae Easterhoose either, our annual festive gig Christmas Carousal will be staged on the set of the show on Thursday 19th December and features performances from RM Hubbert, Carla J Easton, Broken Chanter and Aby Vulliamy.


What challenges does a pantomime present to the director?


Perhaps more so than at other times of the year, audiences arrive to the venue with a clearer sense of expectation, the stories we tell at this time of year are very familiar. Dealing with these expectations, confirming or subverting them can be challenging but also lots of fun. Working on the panto definitely feels more like a treat than a challenge, at other times in the year I am less likely to reach for some of the tricks, devices and conventions that I know audiences relish and enjoy – at this time of year I am only too happy to try and fit as many in as we can.



What can the audience expect from the show?


Some cracking performances, funk, plenty of jokes, a story with heart and ambition and some sing-a-long hits!

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