Anthology @ Horror Fest

18th October 2019, 7pm |  Pleasance Theatre, Islington N7 9EF



Created and produced by Hermetic Arts

Written and Directed by Chris Lincé

Performed by Carrie Thompson


Three hauntings, from the past, future, and present. Three ghosts in the machine. Three uncanny stories, from the creators of UNBURIED, APRIL, and BADD.

An evening to remember.

ANTHOLOGY is the new solo show from the creative team behind BADD : Bothered About Dungeons & Dragons (“A gem of a show and  one of the most exciting performances from an actor I’ve seen in a good while.” ☆☆☆☆☆ London Pub Theatres) UNBURIED (“Utterly, compulsively gripping. I don’t think I’ve seen a more intelligently crafted show this year.” ☆☆☆☆☆ The Stage), and APRIL (“One hell of a piece of theatre” ☆☆☆☆☆ London City Nights)

Hermetic Arts was formed in 2016 by writer/performer Carrie Thompson and writer/director Chris Lincé, based on a shared love of the Dark Arts, Horror, Cryptozoology, Mischief, and Odd Stuff. Their first three shows (BADD, UNBURIED and APRIL) had well-received runs at VAULT Festival London, the Brighton Fringe, Brighton Horror Festival, London Horror Festival and Soho Theatre.

how does your work fit into the horror festival’s ethos?
The London Horror Festival has always been committed to supporting a wide variety of voices in theatrical horror, and we are thrilled to be back. The festival has been very good to us over the past few years – we love their commitment to putting horror on stage, and are very grateful that they let us experiment with what can constitute a theatrical horror show.


what can the audience expect to experience?

Three short stories of the uncanny – unconnected plots, but tied together with themes of memory – whether you can trust it, and what happens when you lose it – plus a plethora of ghosts in a variety of machines.

how well does horror work as a theatrical genre?

Cinema has rather taken the lead in horror storytelling, but where theatre has an advantage is that you are locked in the room with whatever it is that is creeping you out. Fewer jump scares, but a concentrated environment for cultivating dread.

do you see your work in any theatrical – or other – tradition?

By doing an anthology of three stories, we’ve been greedy and are playing with three different theatrical styles. From a piece that takes advantage of combining physical performance with prerecorded sound design, through to some very simple traditional storytelling. As well as theatre, though, the first piece is heavily inspired by experimental existential radio plays of the 1950s and 1960s, and the way that electronic sound design was used to create an atmosphere of foreboding.

how does this work fit in with your usual productions?

The middle story of the three is a direct audience address, and therefore probably closest to our previous shows. But we wanted to experiment with some styles we hadn’t tried before. Thematically, though, it very much sits alongside UNBURIED and APRIL in its contemplation of nostalgia and memory.

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